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CBD Flower is slowly but surely taking over. These days, we are privileged to live in a world dominated by the advent and creation of many businesses. However, one industry taking the world by storm and changing the lives of many in the US is the cannabis industry. Although it is one with many diverse views and opinions, the rise to prominence and generating millions of dollars for Cannapreneurs has been incredible. These and lots more became possible thanks to the legalization of the drug in some US states for medical and recreational uses. 

This plant is an embodiment of the slogan of the double-edged sword. All of which is due to the presence of THC and CBD in the plant. While the CBD possesses a calming and relaxing effect without the possibility of achieving a high, the THC is the complete opposite. 


Since the inception of the CBD flower, there have been varied opinions and suggestions surrounding the differences and similarities associated with the THC flower. Considering they both look and smell alike (CBD and THC flower), many have been arrest victims, with some even serving unjustified prison terms for the possession of the CBD flower. Instigated by its resemblance and smell with CBD flowers makes it marijuana lookalike. Especially in police field tests, as well as been identified by drug-sniffing dogs.

CBD Flower

According to researchers, the CBD flower is no different from the marijuana or hemp flower. Their only or main difference is in the percentages of their THC levels, which is typically 0.3 percent or less. Jahan Marcu, a cannabis researcher and the co-founder of the International Research Center on Cannabis and Mental Health, opines that no punishment be administered for not being able to identify the differences that exist between the CBD and THC flower. To Jahan Marcu, Hemp (CBD) flower and cannabis (THC) flower are essentially the same. With the only difference being in the quantity of the active ingredients. 

Understanding CBD

It is worth noting that the CBD or hemp flower offers a resourceful, natural option for persons who want to cook with, smoke, and of course, consume hemp. The CBD flower is very rich in a wide array of nutrients. Some of which include protein, minerals, aromatic molecules, fatty acids, terpenes, CBD, as well as some other cannabinoids, offers different health benefits

Types of Flower

Considering the tip above, enclosed below are some unique types of CBD flowers. 

Northern Light 

The Northern Light CBD flower is a CBD-dominant strain. This strain is very soothing and is ideal for night use only. The strain comes with an aromatic and earthy flavor engineered by its THC-laden cousins and comes with a CBD level that stands at 20.73%.

Cherry wine 

This sativa hybrid strain (cherry wine) leaves its users focus and relaxed, sandwiched none of the high feelings associated with THC buds. Also, the CBD levels of this strain stand at 16.48%, and the Delta-9 THC, which stands at <0.3%

Grape Soda

this strain is highly flavored buds that taste like grapes and pine. Also, the strain comes with a CBD level that stands at 15.33% and Delta 9 THC, which stands at 0.1%

Silver Surfer 

This strain emanates from the crossing of the  Super Silver Haze and Blue Dream hemp. Ideal for daytime use, this strain leaves its users uplifted, creative, and energetic. Also, it comes with a 15.07% and a THC level that stands at 0%.

White CBG

The white CBD comes with a high level of cannabinoid Cannabigerol (CBG). This strain comes with  CBG that stands at 21.8%, as well as Delta 9 THC with is recorded at 0.0%

CBD Flower and Its Uses

When consumption of CBD flowers is concerned, the options are limitless. Like its cannabis counterpart, the CBD flower can be smoked, vaped, or infused in products (CBD edibles). According to Herman Barclay, co-owner of Indy CBD Plus in Indianapolis, the method used in consuming cannabis has the knack of providing different results. Therefore, it is worth mentioning that smoking or vaping cannabis is the faster medium for the CBD to get into the lungs faster than anything else does with nothing going to waste. 

Other delivery methods for CBD include 

  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Patches
  • Creams
  • Gummies
  • Capsules etc 

Final Note

Considering the tip above that practically about CBD flower, acquiring the CBD should be the next and most logical move. To get some of the best CBD flowers in the game, reach out to us today at Janesflowershop.com, and we’d take your CBD experience to another level. 

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