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cbd pre rolls

CBD Pre-Rolls

Widely consumed in nations where the CBD has been made legal for a wide array of purposes, the CBD, thanks to creative minds, is consumed in many ways. While some consume it as oil, some consumed the CBD infused in edibles. However, this research is geared towards understanding CBD pre-rolls. 

CBD Pre-Rolls

CBD pre-rolls or pre-made are joints rolled with CBD buds rather than the usual marijuana. Made from hemp instead of cannabis means this pre-roll is very rich in CBD and very low in THC. The inception of CBD pre-rolls we see at cannabis dispensaries today was a ploy to serve people wishing to benefit from smoking hemp who lacked the patience or expertise to roll a joint. However, joints are sometimes confused with CBD cigarettes. These two products are not the same thing.

CBD Pre-Rolls and Its Uses 

Regarding the tip above, these CBD joints are designed to be smoked or vaped. Considering the act of smoking or vaping entails the inhalation of smoke emitted by the CBD joints or pre-rolls, this is, of course, the most effective medium or delivery method for not only the CBD joints but also CBD vapes and CBD oil. With that in mind, it is worth noting that many tobacco and weed consumers are gradually switching to CBD vapes. 

With no high feeling sandwiched with many other benefits, the CBD joint is an ideal choice for those wishing to switch from the high-feelings associated with weed and the more calm and relaxed effects related to consuming or smoking CBD joints.

The Uniqueness Of Our CBD Pre Rolls

Many firms out there create pre-rolls, but our stands out from the lot in the market. Carefully grown with organic manure, our CBD joints come with the highest quality material to create a CBD pre-roll experience like no other. Harvested, selected, and hand-picked by some of the best growers in the game. Our CBD pre-rolls are just what you need for a unique and once-in-a-lifetime CBD experience.

Every CBD joint offered by Jane’s Flower Shop comes in organic hemp paper and is sealed hermetically for freshness. Making our CBD joints arguably the most flavorful and potent CBD Hemp joints you.d ever consume. 


Considering the tip mentioned above, we believe you now know the key facts and aspects associated with the CBD pre-rolls. For those seeking to have a taste of our treasured and in-demand CBD pre-rolls made up with some of the finest hemp buds in the game, reach out to us at Janesflowershop.com and get just what your system needs. Therefore here are some tips to consider when buying CBD pre-rolls: 

  • Go for strains with positive reviews
  • The packaging should be smell proof
  • Stay clear of low-grade industrial hemp
  • CBD from reputable vendors often means quality CBD

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