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Take a look at our amazing selection of Delta 8  products, derived from Farm Bill 2018 compliant industrial hemp plants. We promise to not let you down. We travel all over the united states to source only the highest quality Industrial Hemp in order to deliver the amazing Delta 8 products to your door. 


Janes Flower Shop is based in Richmond, Texas & is a fully licensed Industrial Hemp Manufacturing Company.

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Orders are shipped securely and discretely.

Lab Tested

Tested regularly ensuring Federal & State compliance. Unlike many, all of our products come with a full panel test. That means we are testing for more than just potency. We test all of our products for Residual Solvents, Microbials, Mycotoxins, Pesticides, Heavy Metals and Potency.

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Who is Janes Flower Shop?

Here at Jane’s Flower Shop, our mission is to bring you the finest Industrial Hemp products the market has to offer. We believe that everyone deserves to experience luxury without the price tag which is why we pride ourselves on having affordable prices. Established in 2020 in Richmond, Texas, Jane’s Flower Shop is a fully licensed Industrial Hemp Manufacturing Company. Devoted to the quality of our products, our JFS team works directly with JFS partner farms and labs to ensure we are sourcing only the highest quality raw Industrial Hemp, and its byproducts.

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Grab a cup of coffee a JFS pre-roll and unwind. Janes flower shop delivers great content for you to enjoy and be informed.

Hawaiian Haze
CBD Flower

Hawaiian Haze CBD Strain Review

What is Hawaiian Haze? When someone says “Hawaiian” the first thing most people think about is a tropical vacation. That is exactly what you will experience when you get that first taste of Hawaiian Haze. Being a combination of strains Hawaiian and Haze, Hawaiian Haze is primarily a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It is not uncommon

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CBD Flower

Headband CBD Strain Review

What is Headband? Headband is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. This strain is the product of iconic OG Kush & famous Sour Diesel. It was given the name “Headband” because of the head high that people experience. Pressure slowly builds up around the temples and wraps around the head giving off the feeling one would get

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Casino Cookies
CBD Flower

Casino Cookies CBD Strain Review

What is Casino Cookies? Love Child of AF4 and Wookie strains, Casino Cookies is the perfect strain for anyone trying to escape their busy days. This strain gradually works its magic, giving you a calm and empty feeling. Once the strain is in full effect, your mind will be cleared of all chaos and stressors

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CBD Flower

What are Terpenes?

At Jane’s Flower Shop, we provide a wide range of CBD Flower and CBG Flower. We offer a Terpene Breakdown Profile with every strain so you know exactly what’s in our products. This article will provide a better understanding of what Terpenes* are & the information that the Terpene Breakdown Profile is relaying to you.

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